2880 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica
California 90404

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2880 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica
California 90404

424 744 8838



Sporting Club was started on the north shore of Maui to bring together our friends in one place—a community of dedicated craftsmen and elite watermen—to share their love of the outdoors and going hard at the very limits of human performance.

Big wave surfing, free diving, spear fishing—competing off the coast of Maui requires finely-tuned gear and finely-tuned athletes, especially at the surf break known as Jaws. In these conditions, it’s tough to keep your body nourished. You can’t eat much out there, and caffeine and sugar elevate your heart rate, consuming more oxygen and shortening your Breath Hold. That’s no big deal when your head is out of the water, but 50 feet under, you have a different perspective on performance requirements.

In our Paia café in 2012, we started testing variations of our Sports Juice—functional, cold-pressed, nutrient-dense, sourced from fresh, natural ingredients—to serve not only our local Jaws crew, but also the best international surfers who come to Maui for the legendary swells. Our café had no wi-fi, no photos, no social media—just real conversation—like the original surf clubs of the 50s and 60s. Our space allowed us to tap into the specific needs of the performance athlete and develop Sports Juice together, as a community.

Now, Sporting Club is open to you in Santa Monica and at other local chapters soon.


Edible HI
The Inertia


Sporting Club’s about performance. And that means “packing in” nutrition and hydration before, during, and after your athletic endeavors. When DK Walsh of Skullbase Water Safety came into the café busted up from a Jaws swell, he thought he had thrown out his back. In fact, his doctor found that DK had been dehydrated and low on nourishment from many days running safety at contests without access to good nutrition.

When the next swell was on its way, we put together a cooler of juice for DK and his brother Shaun every day leading up to the contest. DK and Shaun are 4x4s—they drank everything and then some, packing in a ton of nutrients. So that no matter what they had access to on the water, their mental and physical performance wouldn’t suffer, nor would the safety of the athletes that depend on them.

What’s true for DK and Shaun is true for all of us—lack of time, inconvenient nutrition options, high stress environments, and people who depend on us. That’s why we offer our Sports Juice packs in those same coolers hand-delivered to your door by our team every week or available at our local chapters.


We’ve always admired the surf clubs from the 50s and 60s. Those guys came back from war with all kinds of specialty training—some understood design, some materials, others science and theory. And here they were, hanging on the beach, with a shared love of surfing. As conversations and ideas were shared, new products were born that would inform the surfing lifestyle for decades: surf forecasting, surfboard design, hydrodynamics, and so on…

We feel like a big part of our lifestyle is in debt to these old timers sitting around talking story and sharing ideas. So, in a nod to that era, Sporting Club was designed to look, feel, and act like those old surf clubs, where we could create a conversation that might not otherwise exist. What happens when you get shapers talking to woodworkers and blacksmiths throwing ideas around with free-divers?

You get some really cool stuff.

By pulling our community’s projects under one umbrella, we think we can tell a story greater than the individual craftsman alone.

That's Sporting Club.